Hypnosis and Counselling are both unregulated fields

As you may be aware the counselling profession is an unregulated field. Alongside this is the field of hypnosis.  These industries see a number of people drawn to helping others in need, sometimes they want to ‘fix’ people based on their own experiences – thus leading to advice giving or hypnosis based upon their belief system.

There are numerous people in society claiming to be able help people with no credentials, no insurance, no supervision, no regular professional development and no membership of a known peak body. Do you really want them working with your subconscious?

You could be spending your good money and time with a person who ‘thinks’ they can help you, often operating from their own basis of; values, beliefs, and experiences. Not from a non-judgemental and unconditional professional standing.
Without professional membership they often work unchecked, and uninsured.

Let’s work towards professionalism in these industries; maintain the standards and only look for membership with these peak bodies before you decide on a practitioner to see.

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