Covid 19 Training

fthypnosis respects spatial distancing in the practice, and completion of the Infection Control Training – COVID 19 certificate allows me to disseminate correct information to clients about this virus.

If you are experiencing higher levels of anxiety please contact me to make an appointment. certificate_of_acknowledgement Covid 19


Health anxiety

The current world has changed dramatically, the rise of anxiety seems to be overtaking the rise of Covid 19.  Health anxiety is a real concern and is only diagnosable by a qualified health practitioner; psychologist or psychiatrist, who are accessible through a GP referral.

Take the K10 test now on the Beyond Blue website:

If you are feeling anxious and would like to decrease this, stop unhelpful thinking, or get out of the ‘herd  mentality’ of stockpiling then consider hypnosis.

Reset your subconscious thinking, return to healthy thinking and healthy living.


Hypnosis and Change

In everyday life we are operating from the conscious mind, the thinking and  rationalizing mind.  In situations we have a degree of thought and attention to what we do and say, and how we behave.
We do however, operate from the subconscious mind when we are in entrenched patterns of being or when there is danger detected.
When we want to make effective changes in our behaviour we need to access the subconscious mind.  Counselling or ‘talk therapy’ can assist in change but it is likened to making change on the surface and may not be for long, in order to make change which will not only last but will be more immediate we need to incorporate the subconscious mind in the therapy.   During the exploration stage in the initial session the client’s language structure is used to develop powerful scripts and this is used in Hypnotherapy when the client is in trance and the subconscious mind is engaged.
“In this state of heightened awareness a trained hypno – psychotherapist can help a Client bring about the changes that they wish to make in their lives by bringing to bear the enormously powerful creative resources of the sub-conscious and facilitating empowerment of the Client so that they can take control and overcome previous feelings of helplessness to do so”.

Dr Joe E. Keaney                                                                                                                             Ph.D, D.Clin.Hyp., D.Psych., BA.

Hypnosis and Counselling are both unregulated fields

As you may be aware the counselling profession is an unregulated field. Alongside this is the field of hypnosis.  These industries see a number of people drawn to helping others in need, sometimes they want to ‘fix’ people based on their own experiences – thus leading to advice giving or hypnosis based upon their belief system.

There are numerous people in society claiming to be able help people with no credentials, no insurance, no supervision, no regular professional development and no membership of a known peak body. Do you really want them working with your subconscious?

You could be spending your good money and time with a person who ‘thinks’ they can help you, often operating from their own basis of; values, beliefs, and experiences. Not from a non-judgemental and unconditional professional standing.
Without professional membership they often work unchecked, and uninsured.

Let’s work towards professionalism in these industries; maintain the standards and only look for membership with these peak bodies before you decide on a practitioner to see.

Why see a professional?

Be aware of people posing as counsellors with no reputable credentials!blossom

It is professional to have a copy of all qualifications, membership and the Code if Conduct for Non- Registered Health Practitioners on display, ask to see these if they are not visible.

The aim of counselling is to assist the client to understand their issues, not to give advice.  With no basis of training these people are only operating from their own world view and experiences.