During clinical hypnosis clients explore areas that are not working in their life, these can include; weight loss, smoking, controlling habits, alcohol, anxiety, sugar consumption, fears of the dentist or flying, phobias of spiders or snakes to name but a few.

During a session clients will explore triggers and areas where they react and look at preferable ways of being.  Working with the subconscious in trance work can help move a client to resolution faster than simply working with the conscious; thinking, analytical mind (talk therapy).

The unconscious mind is where most of the work gets done, it is the repository of all memories and events in life, beliefs, fears, and attitudes all of which can interfere with everyday life.  Reactions are usually how we acted as a child, as the memory and belief is built and stored in the unconscious not to be considered or evaluated. So in life we simply repeat the pattern of how we react to spiders or thunderstorms20171015_100902 in the same way we did as a child.

Even though we can rationally think about our actions and know that our behaviour is not serving us well, we cannot stop the feelings of anxiety that well inside us as the approaching storm is heard in the distance.

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and concentration in which the unconscious mind can be more accessible and responsive to suggestions.

When used effectively by a clinically trained professional hypnosis is a bridge from being stuck to moving towards resolution.

Something happens, something shifts. Change occurs.

Contrary to popular belief hypnosis is not a ‘magic pill’, for most clients they are looking at 4-5 sessions for change to occur in their life.  Most behaviours are years in the making and reinforced time after time, so shift and change takes time.  Although hypnosis is seen as a shortcut to change as opposed to ‘talk therapy’ it is still a commitment of sessions and clients will have an audio file to use daily to help initiate change in their life.

Please contact me if you want to know how Clinical Hypno-psychotherapy can be beneficial in your life.