My counselling and psychotherapy approach is eclectic, I work from a wide range of therapies and utilise a variety of approaches to best suit the client and presenting concern.  Some of these include:

Person Centered Therapy – the focus is on the client and the answers they already have within themselves.  Working together in partnership the client can realise themes or patterns within their lives which may keep them stuck, exploration can assist to look at new / alternative ways to be in life.

Mindfulness – focussing on the here and now in life, centered practice which may be missing in our busy daily lives.

Gestalt – using the empty chair technique clients can work with unresolved issues with another in a safe effective way.  Unfinished business with a loved one who has died, or one who is not accessible.

Narrative practice- being able to re-author your story to resolve feelings and patterns in your life.

CBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is specific for those who want to make change in their lives but are feeling stuck and unable to move forward.  Focusing on a client’s thoughts, behaviour and actions can assist a person to look at why they are not moving towards a desired outcome.

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