“I used to hate flying, the thought that I had to fly for work left me feeling anxious for days. I used to panic and take medication just to get through. Now I don’t think about it, I just get on the plane. It really worked!”. – Matthew R

“I was really relaxed in hypnosis, and now I don’t get scared when I hear a thunderstorm, I am able to sit at the window and watch the lightening and count until I hear the thunder. I used to hate winter, now I am looking forward to it”. – Sharon G

“I found the hypnosis session really relaxing, I felt so calm and peaceful”. – Sue H

“I used to bite my nails every day, hypnosis worked! I don’t bite my nails and I don’t even think about it anymore”. – cameliaEvan C

“Sam really understood me and the underlying issues for me, I was able to book in quickly and see her on a Saturday morning which really helped me as I work full time. The environment was relaxed and welcoming, no hustle and bustle of an office setting, it made it easier to open up and really explore what was bothering me. I would thoroughly recommend her services”. – Alan H

“I found Sam’s approach to be welcoming and she really listened to me and understood what was happening for me, she got me. I have seen other counsellors but Sam was the person who really helped me, she doesn’t rush into fix it / solve it mode as other’s have done, and it is clear she is not there to make money only, she is genuine and has integrity”. – Katie M